About Me

My name is Amaryllis Turman and I am known to my friends as “The Oily Woman”.


I have been using essential oils for the last 20 years. I was introduced to essential oils by my best friend’s mom. She was (and still is) very knowledgeable about using the power of plants to help keep the body healthy.

Living in the South Carolina twenty years ago, it was difficult for me to find quality local oil suppliers. Thank goodness I had the internet. Through trial and error, I learned that all essential oils are not created equal. If I bought an oil from a company and it did not smell right, I crossed that brand off my list.

What is the point of buying a “natural” product if it smells like the company uses synthetic ingredients?


Over time I realized that the brand of essential oils that consistently had excellent quality was Young Living. During my teaching sessions, I would recommend the brand to others because of their commitment to purity.

One day my friend asked me, “Why don’t you become a distributor?”

I did not have an answer! In March 2017, I jumped in and officially became a Young Living Brand Partner/Independent Distributor. It was so easy, I honestly cannot believe I waited so long.

I am committed to help you along your own oily journey  #knowledgeisPOWER

If you want to join me on this path to wellness, click HERE to order