January 2019 Promos

ITS A NEW YEAR friends!!!

Young Living has the best promos to start your year of RIGHT! Anyone detoxing? Cleansing? Starting a weight management program? Committing to exercise? Need to support the gut after a few too many holiday parties? Want to fight some free radicals? Your January freebies are PERFECT for that! 😍😍😍

➕ Digize Vitality 5 ml (ER exclusive): As the name states, this oil is fantastic for supporting healthy digestion. I often like to tell people that oils are most effective when continuously used and I still stand by that but this oil is instant gratification for most people. Your tummy is feeling off? Over ate? Use it, and you get sweet relief within minutes! Some love this directly dropped under their tongue or massaged under the navel on stomach. Did you know many of Young Living’s farms actually use this blend on the soil to encourage good bacterial balance in our farms’ dirt?! 🙌😍 And let’s get real, after holiday eating, I’ve been needing this extra support!

➕ Citrus Fresh 15 ml (Essential Rewards Exclusive): This oil is a blend of many of our citrus oils and spearmint so there is a subtle minty aroma with the citrus scents and it’s gorgeous. It’s a happy oil, diffuse this blend to lift your spirits on a winter day. Also, diffusing this oil helps to open up the creative thinking part of your brain. One of my fave combos is to diffuse this with Clarity. Also available as a Vitality oil, this oil is wonderful to add to water to help flush toxins out. Anyone doing a cleanse this January or joining the Slique Challenge? Mix Citrus Fresh and Ledum in a bottle, put a roller top on it and rub over areas where you store fat. Trust me on this! You’re welcome in advance. 😘

➕Life 9 Probiotic: did you know this word literally means ‘for life’? Although good bacteria should be found all through the digestive system, the microbes are mostly concentrated in the far end of the small intestine & in the large intestine. For this reason, we appreciate that Life 9 capsules are made w/ a special delayed release covering – ensuring that your good bacteria supplementation gets where it needs to go and isn’t wasted. In pregnancy, our guts start colonizing this good bacteria if our moms provide the environment to do so. Vaginal birth further contributes, then breastfeeding continues to help these good microbes & a diet rich in plant & fermented foods as we grow. Reason why supplementing these good bacteria is key in our modern world is because it’s rare to find rich soil to grow our food to start with. Picking food before it’s peak ripeness affects this too, as does treating the soil & harsh washing of produce. Furthermore, stress, medications, illness, sugar & grain consumption, along w/ modern day chemicals all serve to deplete these stores. It’s no wonder research shows that most north Americans are chronically deficient in probiotics that play key roles in prevention of preventable illness & disease from birth to old age. Making these a key part of your daily wellness regimen should be a no brainer! (This info on Life 9 was provided by the amazing Cynthia Harper Haggerton!)

➕Longevity 15 ml: (This is just like the supplement but not in the capsule.) Let me share some info about the supplement: Did you know Longevity protects DHA levels for Brain function and cardiovascular health, promotes healthy cell regeneration, supports the liver, increases immune function, and strengthens the nervous system. This blend contains that following essential oils: Thyme, Orange, Clove and Frankincense. Basically…anti- aging + immune system support + toxin flusher! If you’re not using this…you should be! The oil blend is also amazing for your skin – Friends FRANKINCENSE and CLOVE on your face 🤯🤯🤯. Y’all know Clove is the highest antioxidant on earth, right?!

➕Panaway 5ml: Your best friend for tired muscles!! Who is starting a new workout routine or just getting more active in the New Year?! You’ll use this! One of our faves from the starter kit. From, aging joints, to moms who carry babies on their hips all day, to the gym goer, to anyone who deals with head or neck tension, this oil is your jam!


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