Is it morning again?

I am not a morning person.

My bed feels so warm and cozy in the morning and once my feet hit the floor, I am off and running.

I sometimes apply different blends to my wrists and neck to uplift my mood too. I need all the help I can get!

When I get in the car, I like to get my diffuser going with some bright yummy smelling oils to help wake me up on the way to work. I feel energized and ready to face the day.

I love it because just a few drops of oil in the diffuser is efficient AND cost effective! Plus I do not have to worry about breathing in harmful chemical smells.


Photo by Becca Schultz on Unsplash


Here are some suggestions for diffusing in the morning for energy:

  • Lemon + Peppermint
  • Stress Away (blend) + Lime
  • Citrus Fresh (blend) + Lavender
  • Motivation (blend)

*In the car, I use one drop of each oil/oil blend so that it is not overpowering

Here are some suggestions for what I put on my wrists  & neck:

  • En-R-Gee (blend)
  • Stress Away (blend)
  • Valor (blend)
  • Happy roller (citrus oil blended in a roller- recipe below)



  1. In a 10ml bottle, add 4 drops Grapefruit EO, 3 drops Orange EO, 2 drops Bergamot, 2 drops Joy (blend), 1 drop lemon
  2. Fill with carrier oil (I prefer fraccionated coconut or grapeseed oil)
  3. Add top and gently shake to mix.
  4. Apply to skin as desired.

The Feelings Collection #bigemotions

The Feelings Collection

The Feelings™ collection features six essential oil blends that inspire feelings of emotional well-being when diffused. Use in the morning and evening to promote peaceful thoughts and spiritual harmony.

Harmony™, 5 ml
Forgiveness™, 5 ml
Inner Child™, 5 ml
Present Time™, 5 ml
Release™, 5ml
Valor II™, 5 ml

-VALOR has been used to help empower the physical and spiritual bodies, bring courage, confidence and self-esteem and has also been nicknamed a chiropractor in a bottle.

-HARMONY is used to establish spiritual and emotional harmony within us as well as bringing a harmonic balance to the chakras of the body, allowing us to feel safe and secure.

-FORGIVENESS may help people move past barriers in life by bringing them to a higher spiritual awareness of their needs. Using this oil can lead one to forgive, forget, let go, and go on with their lives.

-INNER CHILD may stimulate memory response and help one reconnect with their inner-self leading to emotional balance. When a child experiences trauma or abuse, they disconnect with their inner child and this can contribute to a manifestation of issues that are often labeled as a mid-life crisis.

-RELEASE can enhance the release of memory trauma from the cells of the liver, where anger and hate emotions are stored. It also helps to release frustration.

-PRESENT TIME was specifically blended to help bring people into the moment. We must live in the moment in order to heal. We cannot live yesterday, we cannot live tomorrow, we must live today.

The oils in this kit are blends containing several incredibly wonderful and powerful oils like Angelica, Rose, Sandalwood, Hyssop, Ylang Ylang, Neroli, and Frankincense along with many more.

This kit isn’t just for people with crazy pasts who desperately need emotional support, this is for people who feel mundane, or are ready to make a change, or want to be more emotionally healthy!

The great thing about blends is that they are ready to diffuse! I put 2-3 drops of Forgiveness or Harmony in the diffuser if the hubs and I have had a disagreement. It helps me to let go of the negativity that was causing the feelings of discontentment.